About me

From IT engineer and project manager in the corporate world to EFT practitioner, my life followed a much unexpected path. The path was… “depression”!

My life's path

After over 10 years as a successful IT engineer/ project manager, I was forced to face the depression that had been making my personal life a misery, for me and my family. Depression forced me to stop working and to take a close look at myself. After three and a half years of sick leave, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to EFT by my friend Pascale, a musician and jewelry creator among many other talents. I wouldn’t say it was “love at first sight”: I spent three months avoiding the topic of the weird tapping (EFT) thing in any discussion I had with her, until one day she literally forced me to try it.

I was far from convinced to begin with, but I did become curious enough to want to find out more. I successfully tried it for myself, once, “Surely this is only a coincidence or the placebo effect“, twice, “well, 2 coincidences, it happens“… Ten “coincidences” later, I had to accept there was probably more to this than just tapping on your head saying silly things! I eventually trained as a practitioner with Ted Wilmont, thinking it was just to “sort myself out”. Less than a year after having started tapping (EFT) I was certified “fit to work” again by my occupational psychiatrist.

Going back into the corporate world was not that appealing to me and I knew by then that I could participate more efficiently in making the world a better place, thanks to what I had experienced and what I had learned. From then on, my path was obvious. I am now looking forward to helping you to take command of your own life’s path, as I already did.

I am French and have been living in Ireland since 1999.

A lot has happened in my life since, and it took me many years after I got out of depression to face that key question: what exactly is my life purpose? What makes me alive? What makes me happy, worthy, and a source of joy for me, those close to me and everybody else?

And I’m happy to share, I found it!

My life's purpose

My life purpose is to empower people to create their own physical and emotional well-being, and a life filled with joy and love.
When this became clear to me I realised that many situations in my life (including depression to begin with) drove me to look at the possibility of a new career and a new life. For 40 years I had been carried around by life, in good and bad directions. By now taking full responsibility for all aspects of my life, I am able to enjoy well being in all areas. I wouldn’t say that the road is easy or that I reached perfection, but I know I’m on the right track.

I want to share with you a practical way to do the same, and experience your own true power in driving your life in the direction you truly want to take.

So, any idea what YOUR life purpose is? Would you be willing to explore the topic? Do you want to go beyond the obstacles you are facing right now?

I really like the story of this anesthetist who suffered from chronic back pain. After having gone through anything medicine could offer, he went to a therapist who asked him an unexpected question: “Are you happy in your life?”
Well, this man had actually always dreamed of being a mechanic. But everybody in his family, for several generations, had been in the medical profession. So as a child, he had been explained that being a mechanic was not an option. Challenging this with his therapist, he thought at least he could get himself a vintage car and enjoy fixing it in his free time. So he did. Six months later, not only had he purchased and fixed a vintage car, but he had eventually started a vintage cars garage and was enjoying his new career. His back pain had disappeared. He had obviously found his life purpose, which improved his health too.
Like this man, most of us don’t even know that we have a life purpose, let alone knowing what that might be. Unless we “decide” or are lead to find out, directly or indirectly.
If you’d asked me when I was a IT engineer and project manager what my life purpose was, I would probably have looked at you blankly, and eventually answered that it was to do a good job so whatever project I was working on would be successful. It wouldn’t even have occurred to me to think about my personal life and happiness.
Life has taught me to look in the right direction to find my purpose. What is YOUR life purpose?

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