Eft in 1 page

How can I remember all these points? EFT in ONE page and 24 languages

Only starting and having difficulties remembering all the points? Here is a revision card for you! This is only a reminder, and if you didn’t get it yet, getting the full explanations either from your practitioner or from detailed training material would help you use this page to its full potential.

I am very honoured that volunteers over the world found this page interesting enough to take time and translate if for their own usage. Many thanks to each of them. Most pages include the link of the translator’s website, please visit them.

This page is also available on www.eftuniverse.com with manuals and “EFT Jump Start” presentations in up to 26 languages so far.


If you wish to create a version in your own language, you can :

  • Download a blank of the original document in OpenOffice Format
  • Download a blank JPG picture or a blank PDF to use as background for your own document.
  • Download a simple translation page and email it back to me. I’ll redimension the template’s bubbles to fit your text in and publish it for you.

If you create your own version, I would appreciate that you send the PDF back to me for publication on this page.

Keep Tapping 🙂