Ready for the EFT challenge?

I guess you are here because you are curious about using EFT but don’t know how to tackle this. You might even have tried EFT, got amazing results to begin with, then nothing. How frustrating! (welcome to the club!)

Or you might have used EFT to no avail whatsoever, and you read all these wonderful testimonies and wonder “why does it work for them and not for me?”.

Well, sorry, I don’t have any answer to your “why” questions. First because too many parameters are involved in the answer, and second because, at the end of the day, YOU have these answers in yourself.

But if you start asking “how” questions, that’s a different story!

“How do I get benefit from EFT?” Answer: Use it! Daily.

“How can I tap daily?” Answer: The same way you brush your teeth. Make it a habit.

“How can I decide what to tap on?” Answer: Now we’re talking!

I created the Tips-to-Tap just for you! Go through them, pick the ones you like. You can use a different one every day, or the same one. And you can even create your own.

More tips to come, so visit the website regularly. You might also want to sign up to our newsletters.

A piece of warning though. As you are tapping daily, you will find more clarity, more peace, more strength in yourself, body, mind and spirit. But as you are getting to know yourself better, you migh also bring out of your subconscious mind difficult memories or feelings you didn’t know you felt, or never allowed yourself to feel, as Laetitia and her anger.

These might show up as feelings or physical reactions. Should this happen, remember you are taking full responsibility for your well-being when tapping or otherwise. If this memory comes up, it probably means you are ready to deal with it. Then you have two options: either you feel confident with your own use of EFT, and then you have to keep tapping through this, or you feel you can’t face it, and you have two more options: you can give up (it IS one choice) or you can ask for help to get through this and move forward. Contact me for any question or to book you free consultation.

Emotional Freedom is there for you to enjoy and share. So keep tapping!

If you are new to tapping, please, read this disclaimer

Please consult a doctor for any medical condition.