but I personally hear stories and tell stories every day.

Every day, I interpret this information, sometimes without even realising it, the tales I tell, the tales I hear. Sure, my reactions are dictated by the story itself, but also through my own filters. What about you?
Every day these tales feed our vision of life, or more specifically our vision of our life. So the question seems important to me; what story are you telling? What story are you hearing? Is that what you want to tell or to hear?

Let's talk about the story of my last New Year's Eve, for example. I found it very interesting to observe what people were hearing when I was telling the story, according to their own filters. What are your filters?
At the beginning of the year, it is the usual topic : "How was your New Year's Eve"? The politically correct answer is : "It was great".
Actually I consider that my New Year's Eve was actually quite nice, but that is not what everybody thinks.
When I tell that story, the first reaction is usually : "You poor thing"!

Here is what these people hear : "I went to France for Christmas by car, so I had to go on the ferry (since I live in Ireland). In summer time, it is a nice crossing, 18 hours long at best. In this case, we were delayed by 9 hours on the way out, and 24 hours on the way back. Both trips lasted over 20 hours through storms. Because of the delayed return, we actually spent New Year's Eve at sea, in the middle of the storm."
Of course, when you look at it that way, you might think that this is not necessarily very attracting.
Did you observe your own filter when you read this? If you get seasick just thinking about a little wave (start tapping! Particularly on the wrists.) you probably stopped reading or listening already. If seasickness is not your problem, you might not be that concerned with it.

Let's see the second part of the story, the part only few people actually hear the first time, unless I really insist about it.
This New Year's Eve was for me an opportunity for a lot of gratitude.
Gratitude, because I had chosen these circumstances. As anybody who is doing this crossing on a regular enough basis, I knew the risks. I happen to like the sea, including when there is a storm. I know that the crew, the ferry, and the captain, can be trusted. The delays were the results of a thought through decision on their part, the objective being to go through the storm at the best possible time, from a comfort and security point of view. Of course, not everything can be controlled, that's were faith/trust/confidence can be useful!
Gratitude, because I had a cabin and a comfortable bed in which I spent the most “lively” moments being rocked and getting a back massage with each wave! This is also an opportunity to think with compassion about all those who, at this very moment, as you are reading this, are at sea in difficult circumstances, maybe even very difficult, maybe even dangerous. It is time to send them love and light... You might want to use this EFT tapping script right now... What if I could feel love instead of worry?
Gratitude, because I always have all my tools with me of course. At the hardest of the storm, there were a few moments of doubt, or discomfort. There are situations where we need to and have to act when facing a risk. In this specific situation, the best possible action was to remind myself of my trust in the crew and to use whatever I needed at that moment from my toolbox: EFT of course, Tong Ren, Ho'oponopono, affirmations... I see each moment of doubt or discomfort as an opportunity to do a little emotional clean up!
Gratitude, because several times, I caught myself laughing out loud on my own, thinking about the unforgettable scene you can watch on minute 28:20 of this film: The legend of 1900, the pianist on the ocean. It is five minutes long. If you are sensitive to seasickness, tap for the first minute, then you won't even think of it. If you like piano, you might feel like watching the whole film, particularly the duel. Enjoy!
Gratitude, for all those who through the years and more recently shared or are sharing with me all these tools, and allow me to learn a little bit more every day. They will know who they are...
Gratitude because this trip gave me the opportunity to share EFT with other passengers. It is always such a pleasure to see someone smile again after a little tapping.

Let's see again what your filters did let through... What did you take from that story? Seasickness? Or something else? Next time you feel some unwanted feeling when you hear a story, it might be an opportunity to tap for the part of you or the part of your life that triggered this reaction?
The other way around, if a person understands what you are saying in a completely different way from what you want to say, it might actually not be about you or about what you are saying, but about the echo that your story triggers for this person?

Does that give you tapping ideas by any chance?


whether we use Matrix Reimprinting or regular EFT, we still have the possibility to find relief, even though the road towards it sometimes feels long and winding. Returning to the source gives us an interesting bonus though, allowing us to unplug any potential future similar stress!:-)

A lot of trauma, whether small "t" trauma or big "T" Trauma,happen around school, whatever the age. What about tapping them out right when it happens, or at least as soon as possible after that? Here are a few ideas to help our children.

- Facilitate EFT at school:

All around the world, EFT is more and more present at school. I enjoy watching this video and sharing this teacher's smile every single time. Look around you, you might well find a practitioner who is specialising in children and who is available to help your children, maybe directly within the school itself. 

- Tap to help the child (or teen, or young adult student...)

Here are two free tapping scripts which could inpire you. The first one Learn easily, might help the focus when learning and doing homework.
The second one, Ready to sit the exam!, is aimed at the preparation of final exams.
Adapt these to your needs, they only provide guidance and support.

- Share your successes!

In my experience, "do what I say, not what I do" doesn't get us very far. ON the other hand, lead by example can open many more doors. Here are examples that can help you or your children.

Tessa was only 9 when 2 EFT sessions got her back to the grades she expected. Il is interesting to note in this case that nobody was to "blame". It simply happened in the school environment. Read more i

Norma is a mature student, but she shows us that the stress of exams can be removed even before the exam. In this case, it's even more stressful than sitting an exam, as she had to present her work in front of a jury. Read more

Ger is no longer at school, but his experience of school and the work we did about it might bring some light on situations you or your children might be experiencing. Read more.

Parents, teachers, uncles, aunts, grand parents, or simply friends, and particularly when you already know in your own experience what EFT can bring you, I hope this reading comes just at the right time to allow you to help our children to build a better world, starting with their own joy and peace!

today, just thinking that it is not authorised any more to think, laught, speak out, even if I dont' necessarily agree with what is said or laughed at, is quite upsetting.

What can you say when humanity is stepped upon? If you're a tapper, you are looking for forgiveness and peace. Difficult in this situation. My take on this might sound unreal. Of course we are all revolted.
Each of us have our own pain in that situation. Police forces and armies have their role. It's not mine.

In Decembre 21012, 28 children were kille din Newton, CT, USA. The mother of one of them created www.nurturinghealinglove.com/ so hattred wouldn't take over. 

I already talked many times about Project Light Rwanda which allowed genocide survivors to find peace and rebuild their life. In Kosovo and many other war zones, EFT helps people to heal their trauma, no matter how horrendous.
So today I am choosing ...
Today I am choosing to send my thoughts towards those who were killed, whether they were public figures or not, so they can rest in peace.
Today I am choosing to send my thoughts towards their loved ones to support them in this ordeal and so that they know they are not alone.
Today I am choosing to send my thoughts towards all those who are killed every day in similar situations, whatever their side, wherever they are, at every minute in the world, so their passing isn't useless.
Today I am choosing to send my thoughts towards all the Muslims on the planet who are NOT extremists, and towards all those for whom practicing their religion is a risk, whether they are Christians, Buddhists or anything else, so that we are all free to believe what we choose to believe.
Today I am choosing to send my thoughts towards all those who live in fear, day in day out, so they find their light.
Today I am choosing to send my thoughts towards all those who are silenced every day, in an obvious or less obvious way, so their voices are heard.
Today I am choosing to send my thoughts towards all those who speak out about what they believe, despite risks, so freedom blooms.
Today I am choosing to send my thoughts towards those who are on the verge of choosing between peace and violence, so that every single one of them finds their path, the true one, the one that is written in every single child's eye on this planet.

We always have a choice. I am choosing light and compassion.

Everybody knows that flu is highly contagious. And don't even mention gastroenteritis, and and...
And surely tapping cannot prevent viruses from propagating, can it?!

Maybe not... Even though... Everybody do their best to protect themselves from contagion. Obviously, there are the elementary hygiene rules. But besides washing your hands regularly, avoiding sneezing all around, having a balanced diet, getting fresh air etc... did you ever ask yourself what's so special with people who are not affected by contagion?

I ask myself that question every winter, and every winter, the topic shows up at some stage with a client. The latest occurrence was with a nurse. A very knowledgeable person when it comes to contagion issues.

The session was actually about hating receiving "ultimatums". Whether we are talking about a professional ultimatum, about a test for a student, or about a relational situation matters little, the word "ultimatum" conveys much stress. So we explored many aspects of it.

Almost at the end of the session, while I was asking Aurelie (not her real name) to assess her level of stress, she told me "as I am really feeling queasy, it is really hard to focus. There is gastroenteritis around at the moment ".

In other words: "there  is gastroenteritis around, thus I am queasy.". That is what I would call well anchored programming.

As it is not the subject, we continue to tap around this "ultimatum", and in particular focussing on the physical tension which she was still feeling and the possibility of seeing things in a different light. While tapping Aurélie comments on one of my suggestions: "if everything was solved  just by saying it-s-easy-just-do-it, people would know about it!".
This round ended with:

I'm opening up to the possibility of removing my scepticism and of giving myself a choice
the choice of well-being, of feeling relaxed, at cellular, intellectual and even emotional levels. Thank you!

And then, surprise! "I'm feeling less queasy!".

How come, "less queasy"???
In response to my jokes, Aurelie clearly explained a feeling of discomfort: "I'm feeling uncomfortable because I said something and now...". And now, a different truth came to light, in complete opposition to her professional training and experience. Although Aurelie is not a newcomer to the wonderful world of EFT, that was pushing the boundaries of her established truths a bit too much!

Two rounds and less than ten minutes later, Aurelie attested she no longer felt queasy at all, and felt perfectly relaxed indeed, including in relation to the "ultimatum", and the conflict between the sensation that she just experienced and what she had considered to be an established truth.

This kind of situation occurs regularly and leads me to suggest a few topics you might want to explore:
How do you react to this belief that "there is influenza/gastroenteritis etc.. around, therefore there is a risk for me."?
What impact does your reaction have on your stress level?
And what impact has your stress level on your immune system and your energy level on a daily basis?
What if it was time to reconsider your thoughts about this kind of contagion?

Can you quote other "beliefs" of this kind that affect your well-being?
If you could change these beliefs, what would you choose?

Please share your findings with this tapping material!

As usual, do visit a physician for any medical condition.

This step might be the biggest challenge. I am aware that this is the moment where some of you might think “no way” and choose to go away and see if there's any easier method out there. But this is also the time to open up  to new possibilities.

So what is this all about?

After Step 1, where you celebrated last year's successes and good fortunes,
After Step 2, where you considered how powerful forgiveness and letting go can be,
After Step 3, where you designed your ideal future...

On Step 4, this is the time to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your success, whatever your objectives are. Amongst other things, taking full responsibility means that there is nobody and nothing to blame. Are you sure you are ready for this? Let's go! Here is the detailed version. You will find a couple of suggestions to make it easier to “digest”

Writing Down

Take a new piece of paper, make 2 columns. On the left, write down the 10  things you identifies yesterday, these 10 things you are ready to allow in your future.
On the right, write down all that “prevented you” so to achieve these objectives before now. When I say, ALL, it really does mean all : every single person, situation, past or present, emotions etc... If we use yesterday's examples it could be something like:

- Health: couldn't achieve it because of medical doctors/physicians, because of work, family stress, pollution, daily tiredness, it's because of the cancer that invaded your body, the tique that bit you, your cells that just won't function right...

- A peaceful family: of course you are ready for it, but this is all because of dad, mum, (whether they are still with us or not, by the way), because of a spouse or partner (or ex-spouse or ex-partner), because of a child, uncle, aunt, cousin...

- Financial peace: it couldn't improve because of banks and bankers, politicians, medias and news, government/administration, disease, worldwide crisis, everybody else spending your income including children or spouse/partner, and so on...

- Weight balance: couldn't get to your ideal weight because  of age, available food, lack of exercise, disease, treatment side effects, past trauma, maybe because of yourself... ?

Be free with all of this, Only you will use this, so the more feelings and ideas you let out, the better.

Time to tap

So far, that was easy enough, that's where it gets really tough. Yes, all these people and situations definitely play a role in the life you live. But precisely... this is the life YOU live, nobody else does it for you. Taking full responsibility for your well being, means that it might be time to set all these “accused” and culprits free from your life, because it can set your life free of them... using.. forgiveness?!?!? Now is the time to benefit form the wonders of Ho'oponopono.
Take each of the culprits, and start tapping. One “accused” per point.

Mum, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you.
Disease, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you.
Banks, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you.
And so on....

I cannot say this!!!

I assume that some of these sentences got stuck in your throat, or are quite simply impossible to voice out. That's OK. Rome wasn't built in one day. The important point here if for you to open up to the possibility to be free of all these, one day.

You now have a list of topics that are sabotaging your life. You already knew some of these, others might not necessarily be part of your daily thoughts, but all, day in day out, are using up a little bit of the energy you could use to serve your well being. If you wish to redirect your energy in s different direction, this is the time to do it!

To make it easier to digest.

You could choose one of your dreams and tap on all the “culprits” which are linked to it, until you feel really free to let the dream happen.
You could choose one culprit/one dream, and to tap on this until you feel ready to get deeper on one particular dream... or culprit.

What now?

This step could be over in one hour, one day, one month, or even a whole year... Who knows. Can you imagine each of your 10 dreams becoming your reality? What would happen if, as C did, you moved away from the idea of the dream towards the reality of it, to the effortless certitude of what it feels like to live that dream in your reality?

This 4th step certainly isn't the end of your path, but it can help you to direct your steps towards your real wishes. You could use it to begin your PPP, a.k.a. Personal Peace Procedure, another way to set yourself free form your past to enjoy the present and built a better future. I'll get back soon to this topic.

You could also review these 4 steps in the coming weeks. Very time you will do this, new realisations might come to mind. New openings.

Pending this, I'm wishing you a year where your daily well being comes into your life.