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This step might be the biggest challenge. I am aware that this is the moment where some of you might think “no way” and choose to go away and see if there's any easier method out there. But this is also the time to open up  to new possibilities.

So what is this all about?

After Step 1, where you celebrated last year's successes and good fortunes,
After Step 2, where you considered how powerful forgiveness and letting go can be,
After Step 3, where you designed your ideal future...

On Step 4, this is the time to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your success, whatever your objectives are. Amongst other things, taking full responsibility means that there is nobody and nothing to blame. Are you sure you are ready for this? Let's go! Here is the detailed version. You will find a couple of suggestions to make it easier to “digest”

Writing Down

Take a new piece of paper, make 2 columns. On the left, write down the 10  things you identifies yesterday, these 10 things you are ready to allow in your future.
On the right, write down all that “prevented you” so to achieve these objectives before now. When I say, ALL, it really does mean all : every single person, situation, past or present, emotions etc... If we use yesterday's examples it could be something like:

- Health: couldn't achieve it because of medical doctors/physicians, because of work, family stress, pollution, daily tiredness, it's because of the cancer that invaded your body, the tique that bit you, your cells that just won't function right...

- A peaceful family: of course you are ready for it, but this is all because of dad, mum, (whether they are still with us or not, by the way), because of a spouse or partner (or ex-spouse or ex-partner), because of a child, uncle, aunt, cousin...

- Financial peace: it couldn't improve because of banks and bankers, politicians, medias and news, government/administration, disease, worldwide crisis, everybody else spending your income including children or spouse/partner, and so on...

- Weight balance: couldn't get to your ideal weight because  of age, available food, lack of exercise, disease, treatment side effects, past trauma, maybe because of yourself... ?

Be free with all of this, Only you will use this, so the more feelings and ideas you let out, the better.

Time to tap

So far, that was easy enough, that's where it gets really tough. Yes, all these people and situations definitely play a role in the life you live. But precisely... this is the life YOU live, nobody else does it for you. Taking full responsibility for your well being, means that it might be time to set all these “accused” and culprits free from your life, because it can set your life free of them... using.. forgiveness?!?!? Now is the time to benefit form the wonders of Ho'oponopono.
Take each of the culprits, and start tapping. One “accused” per point.

Mum, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you.
Disease, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you.
Banks, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you.
And so on....

I cannot say this!!!

I assume that some of these sentences got stuck in your throat, or are quite simply impossible to voice out. That's OK. Rome wasn't built in one day. The important point here if for you to open up to the possibility to be free of all these, one day.

You now have a list of topics that are sabotaging your life. You already knew some of these, others might not necessarily be part of your daily thoughts, but all, day in day out, are using up a little bit of the energy you could use to serve your well being. If you wish to redirect your energy in s different direction, this is the time to do it!

To make it easier to digest.

You could choose one of your dreams and tap on all the “culprits” which are linked to it, until you feel really free to let the dream happen.
You could choose one culprit/one dream, and to tap on this until you feel ready to get deeper on one particular dream... or culprit.

What now?

This step could be over in one hour, one day, one month, or even a whole year... Who knows. Can you imagine each of your 10 dreams becoming your reality? What would happen if, as C did, you moved away from the idea of the dream towards the reality of it, to the effortless certitude of what it feels like to live that dream in your reality?

This 4th step certainly isn't the end of your path, but it can help you to direct your steps towards your real wishes. You could use it to begin your PPP, a.k.a. Personal Peace Procedure, another way to set yourself free form your past to enjoy the present and built a better future. I'll get back soon to this topic.

You could also review these 4 steps in the coming weeks. Very time you will do this, new realisations might come to mind. New openings.

Pending this, I'm wishing you a year where your daily well being comes into your life.