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My thanks and gratitude go daily to EFT founder Gary Craig for making EFT so simple and accessible to olb, both because of its simplicity, and because he literally gave it out to the world through internet. 


If you are reading this, you are probalby one of the thousands (millions?) around the world who benefited and benefit daily from it. It just makes sense to perpetuate the original idea and use EFT for humanitarian purposes.


I heard of many such actions, with either groups of practitioner going to war stricken countries, or doctors, nurses or psychologists using EFT as a part of their "toolbox". Unfortunately, very few are documented so far, that I know of.


PjtLIGHTRwandaThe most documented project so far is Project LIGHT in Rwanda. 

They are is using EFT to support healing AND the development of a sustainable future for genocide survivors.

They are currently on their 6th trip to Rwanda since 2011 and progress has been phenomenal.

To know more, watch this introduction, visit their Youtube channel for more videos and eextracts of the future documentary, or their website to participate.


You know of other humanitarian projects based on EFT?

Please contact me so we can help them to spread the word.