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ChaumAideThese experiences are very different, both by the scale of the disasters involved and by the action they triggered. But I find them both as beautiful in that they brought the best out of these children who are themselves in need, and hopefully out of us.

The first one is in France. Back in June 2013, flash floodings destroyed many villages, people lost their houses, and even when the houses are still there, the cleaning work is impossible to imagine. Groups of teenagers, from Scouts groups to “difficult suburbs” groups, are helping to clean this up. As one recipient of the help comments “I would never had believed this from young people, I expected help from 30-40 year old people.” anscouts innondationsd another says “To give then you are in need yourself, it's already a lot”.

If you want to know more, click on the pictures for a couple of examples (sorry, French speaking only! The only English speaking pages I found about the event where about evacuating Lourdes or people being killed by the storms. Either I didn't look hard enough, or it says something about which information spreads the most...)


The second ePjtLIGHTRwandaxample involves one of these lovely unexpected side effects of EFT. You might already have heard of Dr Lori Leyden, who has initiated an amazing healing project in Rwanda (, helping genocide orphans, not only to recover from the many traumas they lived through or witnessed, but also to rebuild their country by running their owns lives and create businesses. The whole program relies on “ambassadors”. They are survivors who healed, and became teachers, teaching EFT, community building and creating and running businesses. That in itself is amazing of course, but here is the unexpected side effect.
In DecembeJT PjtLightr 2012, the killing in an school in Newton Connecticut USA also left very deep scars. JT was 11 when his younger brother was killed. Understandably, he didn't want to go back to school for many months. Tapping helped of course, but it wasn't enough. Dr Leyden, who is involved in supporting that healing process too, got the brilliant idea to set up a skype call between project Light Ambassadors and JT. They talked, tapped of course, and that was what JT needed. He went back to school the next day. But it doesn't stop there... In return, he found his own way to thank them, collecting enough money to send one of the ambassadors to university. You can learn more there.

My take from this is that we can look at disasters and despair, or we can use them as “opportunities” to heal, heal the people who are directly touched, heal us, heal others. What is YOUR take on this?



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